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Photo Credit: David July — The Washington Monument and the Capitol beyond as seen from the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., 07 September 2009 I have maintained a photograph gallery in some form on my website since November 2002. While I was happy with its appearance and how it integrated with the rest of the site, it was not the repository I had originally envisioned. Deciding it was time for a change, I started uploading my photograph collection to Flickr on 11 November 2009. Although this move is not made casually, I am willing to sacrifice the tight integration in exchange for logistical benefits like unlimited disk space and data transfer—two items for which I had been spending additional money. Despite my move away from it, I continue to recommend Coppermine Gallery as an excellent application with strong theme support for custom image galleries. As of this update (29 November 2009), I have uploaded all my pictures into sets organized inside six collections: Road Trip Series, Japan Trip Series, Vacation Series, City Tour Series, Friends & Family and Salmagundi. Some of the sets still need titles and descriptions which will be added as time permits, while other test shots, duplicates and bad pictures will be removed. The Gallery Feed will keep you apprised of new additions. If you are not already a member of Flickr, I encourage you to create an account so you can post comments, add contacts, select favorites and, as a contact of mine, add notes, tags, and people to my pictures.
Photo Credit: David July

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  • The Dude (or El Duderino)

    So I just went out to good ol' flickr so I could jump on the bandwagon with ya and befriend you via your 'add contacts' link there...only to find out that we have an existing relationship - nice!

    In other news, I only recently got around to cleaning out my inbox and noticed that I missed an email from you about your "interview" with Ask The Appeal. I thought there would be some mention of it here. You gotta love the comments to the article: "David July may be an amateur, but he was way more helpful than anyone at the official site."

    So the article and a random user gave you props...go Dave!

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