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Photo Credit: David July — The sole traffic signal on Highway 30A in Seaside and a 3-way stop sign, Central Square at East County Highway 30A, Seaside, Florida, 26 November 2010 When I got a BlackBerry in July 2010, one of the things I decided to try was Twitter. Up to that point, I had never really understood its purpose but it has proven amusing in the intervening 6 months and 24 days. At first, I followed anyone I was familiar with but found the deluge of irrelevancy too much to handle on the phone. I trimmed that list down to friends, news sources and a few others, none of whom tweet excessively. I also found Twitter particularly fun during group events like the Orlando Predators game and DragonCon 2010. I never imagined that I would use Twitter for any official purpose until last Saturday night. While driving east on Apalachee Parkway, I noticed the newly installed red light traffic camera capturing the eastbound approach was taking pictures of everyone passing through the intersection, myself included, despite the green light. While I was considering my action later at home, I remembered that the City of Tallahassee's official traffic account, @COTTraffic, had posted when that camera was activated. I looked up that tweet and decided to reply with my story. Twitter Messages: @COTTraffic (28 Dec) #Tallahassee Red Light Camera Safety Program to Increase Coverage Affects CCSE/Apalachee Pkwy intersection – @mountsutro (23 Jan) @COTTraffic The EB Apalachee at CC red light camera was photoing all cars while our light was green (2011-01-22 2317 EST). Broken? Testing? They replied at 0742 Monday morning saying, "I'm not sure but will check on that and let u know. Thanks for the info!" They replied again today at 1630. Twitter Message: COTTraffic @mountsutro Heard back. Equipment was definitely malfunctioning on that camera, & it is being addressed. Thanks for informing us of it! This is excellent customer service and I am sure that is due in part to the nature of social media. I was able to target my message to the appropriate recipient, or someone who could get in touch with the correct parties quickly, and at no time had to explain and re-explain my situation to a series of people who have no idea what I am talking about. I should note that this comment is meant generally, as I have no real experience dealing with the city. I replied almost immediately. Twitter Message: @mountsutro @COTTraffic Glad to hear it is being addressed. I did not want to get and fight an errant traffic ticket. Thank you for the follow-up! To those behind the keyboard at @COTTraffic, well done!
Photo Credit: David July

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  • ithinkchaos

    I have had a couple of similar experiences with excellent customer care over Twitter...

    1. Taxes last year:

    2. And a purchase from thinkgeek:
    (couldn't find the link) The shorted me in a 6 pack of orange energy drink, so I tweeted about it. Was then surprised to get a DM back asking for my order number. Their response was, "thinkgeek: Okay, we're on it! Sorry for the eff up." And they sent me a whole new 6 pack :-)

    3. Last but not least from Pandora:
    I noticed they were following me back, so I @messaged them a welcome and their reply was awesome: "pandora_radio: Glad to have you on board! Would you like a Pandora t-shirt? If so, email with your address + size"

    Twitter FTW!

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