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As of today I was formally accepted to study at the ITT Technical Institute. I had previously taken a mandatory school tour and received all of the preliminary information needed in order to decide if I felt ITT was for me.

I went in today with a little trepidation mostly because of the entrance examination I knew was to occur. There was nothing to study to prepare for this test. I only knew it would cover "general" English and mathematics. I filled out all of the paperwork and then was escorted to the small room where the test was to occur. Fifty questions in twelve, yes twelve minutes.

I left that little room feeling I had done not so well. My adviser, José, was explaining to me what would occur should I not pass (after twenty minutes, another testing opportunity would occur; thereafter, one final chance to pass on the day following would be permitted) when the test administrator emerged and congratulated me for having one of the best test scores they had seen. Apparently, around ninety-five percent (95%) of applicants fail this test on the first attempt, due mostly to not having taken any sort of test in some time and nerves, both of which applied to me. The test administrator said, "If [he] were to give [me] a letter grade, it would be A+."

My goals are as follows:
Information Technology Associate Of Science Degree
Information Systems Security Bachelor of Science Degree

Now all that is left to occur is my appointment with the financial aid department to see if I can pay for all of this. As I am currently an independent person per the IRS, I do not think I will have any trouble funding this project fully through scholarships, grants and loans.

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