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Bottoms Up

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I took The Boy to Bodhisattva Social Club on Saturday night and then to The Peacock Room last night. He had never been to either, so it was a new experience for him. Not a fan of beer, he did not have anything to drink at Bodhisattva, a beer bar, but was amused by my selection of L'Alsacienne sans Culotte. If you go to their website, you can read all about this Belgium pilsner and it's interesting label. Fannie, the woman depicted on the front and who says "bottom's up" whilst showing her backside to you is wearing scratch-off panties. Go buy a bottle, scratch and see for yourself!

The Peacock Room was as nice as usual. I had my standard Stolichnaya Raspberry Cosmopolitan while The Boy enjoyed something with chocolate liqueurs (these, I believe) and vodka that was very tasty, and I am not a big fan of chocolate. Like he said, it was like a milkshake with vodka. A divine combination, indeed.

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  • Syelence

    I had a dream I was making a Cosmo the other night...twas odd...

    Who was bartending?

  • David July

    That guy who is always there with the punkish/emo hair and who used to come downtown pretty often back in the day of Yab Yum.

  • Syelence

    Ok that narrowed it down to about 100 people...

  • David July

    Seriously, I have never even seen anyone bartending at Peacock other than him. Ever.

  • Syelence

    I meant at Bodhis =)

    I should have specified...sorry...but I know who you are talking about at Peacock!

  • David July

    Well, since you were talking about cosmos and Bodhis does not serve liquor, I assumed you were referring to Peacock.

  • Syelence

    My bad

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