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I decided to finally go through the large, black plastic garbage bag I had placed all of my personal belongings into when I had to remove them from my previous car before signing its ownership to my insurance company. Despite the fact the accident happened 16 May 2003, this bag of mostly paper happily sat undisturbed under my bed since then without my having given it a second thought. My cleaning and laundry today prompted me to look inside and so far it has been an interesting experience.

Here is a list of all the things that were in my car when it (and almost I) met our maker. Along with the standard items, there are a few that I am finding very interesting to find. They are in no particular order.

  • Maps of Orlando, Jacksonville and Florida
  • Assorted pens and lighters
  • My squeegee
  • Key chain with keys
  • Chick-fil-a stuffed cow ("Save R Hides. Eat Chikin.")
  • Empty bottle of CK-One fragrance
  • PC keyboard (sans several keys)
  • Mardi-Gras beads
  • My pocketknife
  • Two beverage mugs
  • Check written for my car payment, but never deposited
  • Assorted Southern Nights coupons/newsletters
  • Driving directions to Jacksonville (07 August 2001; the trip during which I decided to move there)
  • Assorted receipts, coupons and napkins
  • Accident inspection report of loss
  • Chalk baggie (for billiards)
  • Photographs of my car, dashboard gauges and one from 04 July 1999 of me with then-boyfriend Chaz, Chris and Jill at my house during an Independence Day party
  • Gas receipt (12.026 gallons) with "400 miles!" written on it
  • Fortune cookie insert ("Success is on its way to you")
  • Receipt for the dinner I purchased for my first date ever on Valentine's Day
  • 31 sets of directions (or maps) and telephone numbers to "friends"
  • $13.13 in coins (yes I counted – glad I am not superstitious)
Looking at some of the above in more detail really brings me back to up to two years ago. I was a pretty different person back then, I think. I am really glad I was not more on top of keeping my glove box cleaned out now that I have had the chance to view this time capsule.

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