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So President Bush skipped out on his military duty?
Oh, he did not?


Who cares?

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  • Thorin

    I think you have to let this one go. We live in a country that is obsessed with its military so much we seem to think our presidents should all have been soldiers. Certain historical examples aside, I for one like my warriors to be warriors and my statesmen to be statesmen it allows both to be better at their jobs. No one wanted to go to Vietnam and no one's parents wanted their sons to go to Vietnam and a lot of good people did a lot of very crummy things to stay out of Vietnam. I would get on Bush for not even showing up to his cushy National Guard post but I think you have to let this one go. I also think, for the same reasons, you can not criticize anyone else for dodging Vietnam. Besides there are so many many many other truly immoral unethical down right evil things to criticize Bush about that I really think you have to let this one go.

  • flcute76

    This is an old tactic of the dems to try and make Bush look bad... it didnt work in 2000 and it doesnt work now. because he was there. plain and simple. christ how much stuff does he have to hand over to prove that he was there? the only diffrence is that in 2000 they were calling him a deserter and now they are saying he was awol. their tactic just isnt working.

    I agree with Thorin, you have to let it go. but let it go just because it's not even worth discussion.

  • JJEternal

    Just because there are photos of him in a flight suit doesn't mean that he was there for the required time. Just because there are dental records from the base he was stationed at doesn't mean he was there for the required time.

    I don't think that he didn't show up. He was obviously there. The question is whether he fulfilled his entire tour of duty. Then there are the people that were in Bush's group in the National Guard that can not remember him being there.

    All I can say is that the situation seems suspicious.

  • FSUpaintball

    The fact that he ordered them to seal his records should be more than enough to at least raise an eyebrow

    Anyways, I don't care a whole lot about this situation either, so I think I'm done here.

  • Anonymous

    It all boils down to petty politics, something of which both Republicans and Democrats alike are often guilty.

  • LoveStory

    At least Bush enlisted. The dems shouldn't be talkin... wasn't Hill & Billary over in Europe burning OUR flags avoiding the draft??

    Bush may not be the BEST president, considering he's following one of the best, if not THE best POLITICIAN we've ever had... but regardless, he is our commander in chief & if folks don't like it, take it to the polls. I just hope you have a good enough reason instead of "I just don't like him".

    Call me crazy.

    At least he's loyal to his wife and parents don't have to describe oral sex to their children or tell them its ok to lie, since Clinton did.

    *gets off my Republican platform*

    Btw, i'm not a right winger. Just a constitutionalist and anti-irs activist.


  • Thorin

    I thought those were libertarians.

  • LoveStory

    Libertarians are a bit too out of wack for my tastes. Most of the Lib's I meet are nearly anarchist... I believe in government, just a bit more than libertarians do!

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