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The E-Mail That Cried Wolf

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I really dislike people who are quick to panic. Getting worked up about things accomplishes a big, fat nothing. And never does. But many people continue to live their lives, day in and day out, getting worked-up about things and get nowhere fast.

In business, for example. My favourite pet client absolutely, positively loves to send over just about every e-mail message with the importance set at "high," which in most e-mail clients is represented by some form of icon. In my case, a red exclamation point.

When you see this icon perpetually, the sense of urgency is set aside. Fools, all of them.

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  • FSUpaintball

    OK, keep that woman in mind. Everything is a crisis, and someone needs to deal with it for her.

    Now imagine that she is your boss.

    That's where I'm at.

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