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Have you eaten at Taste yet? Taste is a fantastic restaurant featuring California Small Plate dishes for lunch and dinner in a hip and trendy environment. Their wine selection, general ambiance and service are all stellar as well. Located at 717 West Smith Street in College Park, Taste also features local artists' work in their gallery.

Incidentally, Taste is my newest client and I am advertising now (on my own accord) because I have just completed designing new print menus and a website for the restaurant. You can look at the new website and learn all about the restaurant by visiting

If you do decide to stop in and give the restaurant a try, mention you came from Mount Sutro and tell them how much you love the new menus and website. And also please feel free to comment here with any feedback.
PLEASE NOTE This information is out of date. The menus and website are no longer of my design.
Photo Credit: TP 003, Inc.

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  • Maurice

    Very nice and clean site! Of course, the odds that I'll try out this new restaurant in the near future are remote...

  • David July

    Well fine, Maurice. I will allow this single indiscretion, but you know if you do ever come down this way...

    Thank you for the site feedback.

  • Erica the Meow

    It looks good. Now you've made me hungry!

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