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I am moving into my new apartment this weekend so the site content drought will continue for a bit longer. Have a great weekend.

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  • The Blue Aries

    I'm so excited for you getting into the apartment!! I must come visit if I ever get a day off.

  • jes

    hey how is the new place? are you absolutely loving it? i hope so! you are missed right case you hadn't realized.

  • David July

    Things are quite well, though communication is still and issue, both internet and telephone. I will talk to you very soon.

  • jes

    glad to hear that things are well with you. too bad on the internerd and the phone though. that must be driving you batty.
    i have one more week before school starts. wish me luck. i am getting nervous.
    just think, though, i will graduate from "drunkin' hines" to a bone-if-fied (as said in "oh brother, where art thou") pastry chef! whoo-hoo!
    be safe david, you are very loved and missed.

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