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The Visit

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A change of pace is always welcome. Even though my new routine is still fairly fresh, the enjoyment of spending time with someone familiar was timely, if not belated. Chris came up to Tallahassee last Wednesday night and has been here providing company up until about an hour ago. He now headings back toward central Florida via Interstate-10, driving through the gently cool but breezy evening.

Although the opportunity to visit sites such as the Old Capitol Building and the 22nd floor observatory and tour at the current Capitol was nonexistent due to the holiday, we managed to spend the time with ease. In fact, it is truly hard to believe that these past days have gone by so quickly. But then again, I do suppose that is how the aphorism "time flies when having fun" came to exist in the first place.

Regardless, tomorrow marks the resumption of the standard daily routine. Work, laundry, grocery shopping and the need to clean. But the current backlog of these tasks was all worth it, of course. I again conclude with with a present-day look at McCord Point where Thomasville Road breaks away from North Monroe Street to compare with its 1966 counterpart above. Just to the right outside of the frame is the notorious Prince Murat Motel.

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  • thorin

    What's funny about that McCord Point picture is the view from "today," 1998, is nothing like what it looks like now in 2005.

  • David July

    I think that Budweiser billboard is still there. I will have to pay attention the next time I drive that way.

  • Claire

    I didn't know there used to be a Sears where the new courthouse is. That's interesting. Especially since I've stumbled upon that site before.

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