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The Last Straw

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My state of embarrassment over my government only grows stronger as every new realization of a crooked politician comes to light. If you have not figured it out by now, we have given the keys to the United States car to hypocritical, selfish babies who could not debate their way out of a paper bag without spouting party-line rhetoric or messages of hate.

People who do not have the ability to admit when they are wrong, to finally sit down and not retort with a ridiculous comparison, have no place in a democratic argument. Just as it has been said the mark of a "done" online debate is when Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party become the next analogy, modern politicking cannot seem to go two seconds without badmouthing the opponent.

Take this for example, our infamous former Representative Mark Foley (R, FL) is clearly a scum bag. We have a man in an important public position not only screwing around online on my dime but also sending harassing messages to minors.

In this critical pre-election time for the GOP, amid the continuing decline of support for the current administration, having yet another controversy like this can hurt. It comes as no surprise then that FOX News identified Foley as a Democrat via on-screen graphics and corrected the error later by simply not identifying his party affiliation. Come on.

When you cannot argue with the big kids, throw mud, right? We have our own problem children, thank you, so why don't you pull the reigns in on Katherine Harris (R, FL) before she alienates every segment of the population you desperately want to vote Republican. Like the Jewish and Hispanic people of south Florida. Yeah, she forgot about them, didn't she?

Make no mistake, I am not much more pleased with the Democratic party for their (yet again) lack of organization when it comes to campaigning. Who thought it would be so difficult to find an educated, intelligent, articulate and skeleton-free closet owning individual who wants to run for public office? I mean, are there any politicians left who cannot be bought and sold like cattle?

Regardless of my anger toward just about everyone involved in politics right now, the world does keeps turning. And what is our next step? Oh that's right, passing legislation to deny Constitutional rights to those arrested for alleged terrorist activities.

At a time where the people of the world are watching our every move, as we push our goals and beliefs on to others, should we not be the good example of proper democracy? We preach democracy, but openly deny it. We preach justice, but actively defy it.

After the passage of S.3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, a Republican friend of mine was so angered by the administration and Congress' apparent lack of concern over taking such dramatic actions to undermine the rule of law, he decided to write Congressman Mel Martinez (R, FL) a letter.

The response from Martinez angered my friend even more as it defended the values of our democracy while at the same time took the firm stance that so-called "enemy combatants" do not deserve their day in court. After reading this my friend's question to me was this: "And how do we prove anyone is an enemy combatant if a proper hearing is not first held?"

Good question.

As for me, I did something that I had planned to do for a while. Several years ago, Erik told me of his adventure in trying to give me the gift of an American Civil Liberties Union membership for my birthday. Apparently they are not configured to accept donations for persons other than the remunerator.

I can tell you now, the process of joining the ACLU for oneself is remarkably simple. I do not hold any thoughts of grandeur over my modest contribution, but I do believe in the strength in numbers. And I believe in showing my support for the ideals we are supposed to be preaching and practicing as a nation.

Serious people need to take a stand against the issues plaguing our nation, but nothing will be accomplished so long as we openly practice segregation in our justice system.

A notion with which my Republican friend agrees. So much so that he plans to become a card-carrying member of the ACLU himself. And check it out, I did not even have to trash the Republican party when talking the issues.

UPDATE: 12 October 2006, 1845

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Katherine Harris met with Jewish leaders in south Florida yesterday hoping to save face with those voters she likely offended with her "legislate sin" comment seven weeks ago. Hopefully the smart people of the State of Florida will see through Harris and support incumbent Bill Nelson.