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The Book Club

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Photo Credit: David July — At 2319 hours, a red LED "Books" sign is the only illumination inside Voltaire Books, 330 Simonton Street, Key West, Florida, 09 November 2008 If asked to identify myself as either a book or movie person, I would have to say movie. This should not imply I do not like reading, I do, but there is something about a well-designed film that captures my attention. Perhaps aiding this is the advantage film has in diverse creative mediums. Although under the direction of key individuals like the director and producer, the movie is a product of many different artists. Even a poorly written feature has the potential to be enjoyable when say the cinematography or art direction exhibit aesthetic talent. When I started hosting a movie night with two friends, I was excited at the prospect of seeing movies I may never have watched otherwise. Knowing I may not enjoy every title, I appreciate the fact that there is bound to be some redeeming qualities. Besides the films I picked for screening, most of the selections to date have been good. And as predicted, the few I did not particularly enjoy were at least ridiculous or funny enough to justify the experience. It was with this same open-mindedness I recently accepted an offer to join a small, private book club of friends. At our first gathering the evening of 15 January 2009, the group of seven discussed some of the parameters such as selection criteria, meeting format, dates and the like. I am far less interested in the rules than in reading books, something I have been wanting to do more of anyway, so I mostly listened and chimed in only to say pretty much that. For the next seven months and thereafter if we decide to continue, we will each select a book for the group to read and discuss it at a monthly gathering. I had planned to write a review of each book, but there are many better sources out there for critical literary analysis and I, frankly, find the meeting itself satisfies any need to provide retrospective remarks. At tonight's meeting to discuss the book, which was widely panned, we read the suggestions for a group name. The winner is Read 'Em If You Got 'Em, a reference to the humorous Rick Moranis line in Spaceballs among other things.
Photo Credit: David July

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  • Claire

    Sadly, you're not a part of my book club, which doesn't require anyone to meet in person. Of course, I did this on purpose because I joined the Tallahassee book club and all their meetings were held at the house of a cat owner and I almost dies. Point being, want to read with us too?

  • David July

    I appreciate the invitation but I am not sure how many side projects I can commit to at once. Actually, I do which is why I must stick to one book club.

    Besides, the meeting to the discuss the book is the best part. How does it work in your group?

  • pam

    Ha! I think the rating of "Did Not Like" is an understatement for me. If I were to give it a rating, it would be "Already traded for a better book".

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