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The Game Question

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Photo Credit: David July — Vines ascend the southwest corner of the brick wall of the former Havana Station (1939), 312 1st Street NW, Havana, Florida, 07 April 2007 People frequently ask me if I am going to watch this game or that game, referring to college football. These questions amuse me because, as you probably know, I could care less about sports. When it comes to college football, there is only one question that matters. Is it a home game? Living close to Doak Campbell Stadium, this simple fact is crucial when planning to drive anywhere on game day. Anyway, my favorite and often accurate response—"What game?"—generally provokes a stunned expression. The friendly Publix cashier on New Year's Eve, who had been happily chatting while scanning my items, said nothing further after I responded instead with a succinct "no." Honestly, I really enjoy this little game because the amazement others express at my answers equal my own amazement over everyone else's total obsession. I gave the standard reply when asked today about my interest in sports and plans to watch some bowl game tonight. But after a few seconds, an idle neuron fired in my brain bringing to the surface information I had apparently subconsciously obtained via NPR this morning. I quickly followed up by correctly identifying the Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas Longhorns as the opponents, surprising even myself.
Photo Credit: David July

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  • SursumCorda

    Understood. My interest in Magic games is solely because I need to know the parking situation for the Bob Carr.

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