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The Capital Sanctuary

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Photo Credit: David July — Abraham Lincoln (1920) marble sculpture by Daniel Chester French at the Lincoln Memorial (1922), Lincoln Memorial Circle, District of Columbia, 01 November 2008 Remember the scene in Logan's Run where Logan and Jessica, played by Michael York and Jenny Agutter, wade through the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool believing they have arrived at Sanctuary? The entire area has returned to nature. Familiar sights like the United States Capitol and Lincoln Memorial, long since forgotten by the people, are covered with sprawling vines and brambles. Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer — Logan's Run (1976) It was the only thing I could think of earlier today when I saw the image broadcast from a traffic camera at Blair Stone Road and Park Avenue. It certainly looks like the roadway has been completely overwhelmed by post-apocalyptic foliage. Photo Credit: City of Tallahassee — Traffic Camera 001 at 1549 EDT, 16 October 2010 While I am on the subject of Logan's Run, be sure to check out Keith Goldman's fantastic LEGO recreations of scenes from the 1976 film.
Photo Credit: David July
Logan's Run © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Photo Credit: City of Tallahassee

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