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The Walk Into Splintered Sunlight

Sunlight radiates through a window onto an old workbench, antique tools and horseshoes in the blacksmith shop (1935) at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site.

266 Warren Lane, Deer Lodge, Montana: Wednesday, 04 September 2019

part of the Deer Lodge album

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  • Linda Wightman

    It's probably a good thing I didn't know you were going to be in Deer Lodge. I would have asked you to get a cemetery photo for me. (I have a relative buried there.)

  • Sutro Tower David July

    Have you browsed through the 5,829 memorials posted to this cemetery index? There may be an existing photograph for the marker in question.

  • Linda Wightman

    Findagrave is great, and has been very helpful to me (I'm also a contributor), but not in this case. You might not have been able to get into the cemetery anyway -- it's at the State Hospital, and HIPPA makes it very difficult to get information, even when the people are your relatives and have been dead for well over a century. :(

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