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The Other Side Of The Rainbow

Red (2007–2020)

Altamonte Springs, Florida: Wednesday, 25 December 2019

part of the Miscellaneous album

I lost someone close to me yesterday. Living with Mom and Ross in Altamonte Springs, Red was a member of our family and was very much loved. He was the sweetest and most gentle cat, even when playing, and will be missed terribly.

Extremely timid by nature, he began to appreciate a more adventurous side over the years. As a travel companion of Mom and Ross, Red has been to more places than me, visiting every state except Hawaii and most provinces of Canada, too. During several of those multi-month road trips, I flew out to locations such as California, Alaska and Montana to meet up for a time. I will never forget the excited look on his face after he jumped off of the bed in the camper — a telltale "thump thump" sound giving him away — to run to the door and then see it was me entering.

He gave that same look whenever I suddenly appeared in his home. I also feel fortunate that he was able to spend time here in Tallahassee, enjoying with me the home that I purchased on Friday, 31 May 2019. Unfortunately, on his most recent visit that started last week, his condition took a turn. He seemed to be trying to tell us something and even spent time on my lap, something he rarely did with me. And then, I was forced to say goodbye to my buddy. Carrying him to the truck, I spoke to him and showed him around the yard, pausing to let him smell some purple flowers.

Cancer may have taken away my sweet kitty before his time, but he will always live on warmly and without pain in my heart.

I love you Red.