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Lessons In Normalcy, Redux

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It seems like it has been absolutely forever since I last wrote. The truth of the matter is I just really have nothing much to say these days. But before the entries on the main page age to the point where nothing is even displayed, I had better bore you with some recent happenings.

The job search could be going better, but I am remaining optimistic about several opportunities that have recently popped-up. One in particular is with a law firm that is run by the mother of a friend of mine who worked with me (well, more like I took over for her) at Yab Yum. There are also a few others leads I am following from both people I know and positions posted in the paper and online.

I am very excited and eagerly anticipating the final thumbs-up for my new web development and hosting project. The site is for a coffee and ice cream shop situated south of SR 50 (Colonial Drive) on Alafaya, near the Stanton Energy Centre. While the operating manager is very excited about the ideas I have presented, the final approval for a project as involved as this lays with the actual owners. While he does not expect them to question his judgement that this site could only be a very positive thing for the relatively new store, I will learn their final decision tomorrow. I will be sure to write more about this after I get the approval to begin work (oh, and a check).

I recently watched a slew of movies I had never seen before, including John Q, The Mummy Returns, The Foreigner, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and several more which I cannot even think of right now. I was pretty pleased with the lot of them, but The Foreigner was pretty ho-hum. Sad, but every time they mentioned "the package" in the film, I kept thinking about another type of package.

Finally, Black Hole, Florida keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Even worse is the fact it seems no longer confined to gays. I suppose Erik was right in saying I usually become a regular at any place I frequent, which helps this. But I still have to wonder if I would have this problem in a real city. I hope to find out in the next few years.

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