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Since I have been on my work hiatus, it is easy to forget the value that the arrival of Friday has to the standard nine-to-five employee who likely has the following two days off from work. Now that this Friday has come, I find myself in that familiar position: eagerly anticipating the day. But in this case, it is not because of the significance of the non-working days that immediately follow, but in the day itself.

It is only a bit past midnight and I am ready for bed, only waiting to finish writing this and drinking my water before crawling into my cuddly sheets and blankets. I hope I will be able to get to sleep quickly. I had not been nervous about things until now, but as several friends reassured me online earlier tonight, I know I will do fine in my job interview tomorrow morning. So, no pressure; I am going to go into this confident, see what happens and let things fall as they may.

And now for your enjoyment and as a proximate result of my own laziness and desire to get to bed at a decent hour, here are a few bullets:
  • So far the vehicle search has turned up nothing solid, but I am awaiting some return telephone calls from some possibilities.

  • I have decided to stop syndicating my links on It seemed silly to me that every time I added, edited or otherwise modified my links list (which is supported on Mount Sutro using a homegrown script) I had to pop over to another site and make the same changes there. However, please feel free to still use your account to link to us.

  • {insert something witty here}

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  • Thorin

    How did the job interview go? What job was it for?

    I need details man, details!

  • Tyler_Durden

    No follow up?

  • David July

    The interview went very well and I should hear something at the beginning of next week. I will post more details soon (maybe you know where).

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