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Fun with Rodentia

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Yeah, so I finally bought something for myself I had been wanting for a while. With the combination of an online coupon and a special Office Depot was running, I decided it was time to purchase the MX700, Logitech's flagship mouse product.

Aside from being optical and cordless, the MX700 features a recharge base to reduce the amount of batteries that have to be purchased and used. This is an upgrade from my previous cordless Logitech mouse that was not optical. I am happy.

Infograph: Gay TV

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An infograph on Gay TV from The Onion.

Gay-themed television series like Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Boy Meets Boy are popular with mainstream audiences. What's the appeal?
  • Viewers like their gays without all that cock-sucking and ass-fucking.
  • Better than Oxygen's Lesbian OshKosh B'Gosh Outlet-Store Shopping Spree.
  • 90 percent of Americans are latent homosexuals.
  • Fans can live fun-filled life vicariously through gay characters before having methodical sex with wife in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Explode myth that gay people are human beings just like the rest of us.
  • Homosexuals not so intimidating when they're only 22" tall.
  • Lost remote, accepting alternate sexuality easier than getting up and crossing room.
  • The Mexicans already has a network, why not the damned fruits.
  • Crocodile-huntersexuals, Obsournosexuals and Antique-Roadshowsexuals are old hat.
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The Bringer of War

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I have been looking forward to this event for several weeks now and thought I would share it for those who may not yet be aware of it. You may have already noticed its distinct presence in the sky as Mars' is gearing up to be closer to the Earth than it has been since 57997 BC. Though closer than normal passes have occurred more recently in 1766, 1845 and 1924, this proximity takes home the award for closest. So be sure to head outside on 27 August and check out Mars. Those with even amateur-level telescopes should be able to see some surface or atmospheric detail.

Where's the beef?

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Purely and simply, I have a severe distaste for fast-food restaurant condiment packets, especially when they are the only option inside a restaurant. I am the type of person who hates ordering food take away. I will always choose to dine within the confines of the establishment, even if that restaurant happens to be situated in a gas station convenience store. Now I am sure big corporations can save trillions of dollars by not having to own, stock and replace salt and pepper shakers and ketchup dispensers, but if I wanted to trifle around with little packets I would have purchased a box of condoms for lunch. Arby's used to maintain normal dine-in condiment dispensers, but recently did away with the salt and pepper shakers. The ketchup and sauce dispensers remain however.

Speaking of fast-food restaurants, McDonald's new campaign to revitalise the sale of the Big Mac caught my attention during my last visit. The poster being displayed prominently on the dining room window depicts a man eating a Big Mac. The large font caption read, "It's big, it's messy and you love it!" I got a good laugh from this poster whilst fiddling about with my salt, pepper and ketchup packets. Hey, at least no one sat next to me.

Finally, you may or may not have noticed the header logo now features a random slogan or tagline. Some will make sense while others will likely not. But expect to see new ones cropping up now and then if I think of something clever or get drunk and think something is really funny. The one slogan "It's a breakfast party on a plate" has its origins from a late night, post-bar IHOP run. I ordered the Breakfast Sampler to which the waiter, who was as if he stepped out from driving his New York City taxi immediately prior to taking our order, replied with that statement. The best part: I knew it was likely I would not remember this comment in the morning, so I wrote it down on the placemat and took it with me.