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Grandma's Tower

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I would like to share a message I recently received from someone who, via search engine, found Mount Sutro and decided to share a story with me. We have exchanged a few e-mails since and she has given me permission to share her original message here.
Your website about Mt. Sutro is very interesting. I myself have always had an "inexplicable fascination" with the tower, since I was a little kid back in the early '70s. We actually lived in the valley, but my grandmother, who was very sick with cancer at the time, was being treated at UCSF hospital there on the mountain. I recall as a child sitting in the back of the car, driving to San Francisco to visit her and my parents always telling me to "look for grandma's tower" and by that I knew we were getting close. It was visible as we'd come over the mountain into the bay, before we'd reach the bridge – it was so tall. The tower, of course, is located just behind the hospital, so I'd spot it and watch as it got closer and closer until we were finally there. So now even to this day, I can't make that drive to the City without seeing that tower and thinking about my grandmother, who has since passed. Isn't it bizarre the things we associate certain people??

Anyway, it was really fascinating to read all of your facts about it. Something stirred in me to run a search for Sutro Tower, and so I stumbled across your website! Cute cat, by the way. :-) I have three.

Have a good weekend,
Thank you, Melinda. Your message made my day.

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