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Imbecilic Drivers

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The entrance to the Arby's restaurant closest to my office is narrow, on a curve and has curb that banks right up to the drive. These obstacles make turning in a little difficult, especially when you have half the world barreling down the road behind you. Last week as I pulled up to the driveway, slowed down and signaled, a woman in a black, late 90's Ford Crown Victoria backs out of her parking space, turns the wrong way and proceeds to the entrance... to sit there while fumbling around with something in her passenger seat. I honk several times before she notices and waves to me as if I was waiting there with the sole intention of letting her go. The reality of the situation was that I was prevented from entering as a direct result of her inability to follow simple directional road signs. I watched as the lane of cars grew behind me and finally entered the parking lot.

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