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On The House

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After meeting a friend and enjoying a few rounds of beverages, one of which included two shots and drink, it was decided some late night feeding was in order. A nearby Steak 'n Shake would fit the evening's fare quite nicely and so we were off, greasy goodness ho!

As I was accessing my current cash situation in order to determine if using my credit card would be necessary in order to facilitate payment, I discovered I had a sum more cash than I thought I should. I returned to the table and proceeded to ask my friend if it made any sense to him or if I had simply made an error. Turns out I was not incorrect at all. The last round I purchased (one vodka tonic and two "red death" shots) came out to $13.25. I supplied $20.00 for this purchase and ended up receiving $17.00 in change! So technically speaking even after having left the bartender a good tip, all the while oblivious to the fact I was either not charged fully or a mistake in change distribution was made, the club paid for my post-club dinner.

No complaint here, especially considering another bartender gave me a free round tonight because he seemed to forget about it and simply blew it off when I pointed this out to him. I guess it was a good night to go out, after all.

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