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Sacked... sort of

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Today in my meeting with the owner of the company I work for, to show off my progress on the often mentioned online relocation project, I was informed that a corporate restructuring was going to happen and that since my position was more a "luxury" item to have a full-time technical support and project person on staff and that I was also the newest member of the staff that my position was being eliminated, effective immediately.

However, as various projects are still ongoing and require attention before completion, I will be working for them on a project-by-project basis, at least for a while. I was also told to prepare a flier that would be distributed to every agent and employee in the company that advertises the computer services I do on the side.

There are a few other details that I am not going to get into here, but suffice it to say my termination is solely a business decision and has no reflection on my work to date, which is obviously evidenced in their wishing for me to continue working for them on a contractual basis.

This week has been very trying for me on several levels at no fault of one specific thing, but rather the amalgamation of several issues, both work-related and not. Needless to say, this end to my wonderful week seems only fitting.

I also found out today that an agent who I met at the office, but then subsequently left was discovered dead in her home two days ago. The circumstances are still questionable on whether or not her death was natural or self-inflicted. Either way, during the brief time I got to converse with her in person and since her departure continued little conversations via e-mail, I found her to be a very nice woman. I trust that she is at peace now, because I know life for her was not the easiest.

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  • Allstarme79

    I have all kinds of mixed feelings about your post Dave. I am hoping your job becomes once again, more than a project-to -project basis, though. Jobs are good. :-)

  • Syelence

    There is no time like the present? set yourself up as a freelancer, make your own hours, and watch the money roll in?

    It will work out?it always does !



  • FSUpaintball

    Glad you're out of a bad situation, sorry it had to happen in that manner. You've got excellent marketable skills, I know you'll find something good.

  • David July

    Thank you all for your comments and e-mails. I am sure that this will only provide an opportunity for something more and better, but for now at least I think I have the reservation to be pissed, mad and just somewhat worried. Mostly the first two, though, because as you all know I am not one to worry. I really felt like I was starting to get ahead. I am very happy that I have been very responsible with money because if I am very careful, I will not run into the financial situation I had somewhat recently. But then again, shit always seems to happen. I am trying to be as positive about everything as possible. And now it is time that I went to bed because I just got home from drinking a bit and need to stop taking before I write the longest, most rambling post. Ever.

  • David July

    Blantant use of the first-person "I" in the previous post: 15 instances.

    Ok, now I am going to bed for sure.

  • Tyler_Durden

    That sux. Just when you get comfortable you have to find something new. Well, I'm sure it'll work out better. I'm sure the Baby Jesus has bigger plans for you.

  • David July

    There are worse ways to go, I suppose. Be sure to follow all the links mentioned in that one. Crazy stuff.

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