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Send Your Greetings to NYC

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While I am vacationing in New York City, please send me a greeting from wherever you are in the world. Since I will not be checking e-mail or going online, it would be a fun way to stay connected to Mount Sutro in a unique way such as this.

Sending me a message is easy. Use any e-mail account to send a message* to Tell me your first name, city and if you reside outside of the United States, your country.

I hope to hear from you! See you next week.

* Please note that messages longer than 108 characters are truncated. I have my server forward a copy of messages sent to the above address to both my mobile and a standard e-mail account so I always have a full copy of the message waiting for me. The moral of the story is to keep messages brief so I can read them remotely. Thanks!

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