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Looking for Missing Family

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My mother asked me to post the following in the hope we may reconnect with missing family who live in the areas effected by Hurricane Katrina. UPDATE
I am looking for my family in Ocean Springs and Biloxi, Mississippi. In Ocean Springs, Frieda and Bill Orsi on Audrey Circle and cousins Dan and Linda Richard on Woodland Circle. In Biloxi, cousin Suzanne Palfreyman on McDonnell.

I ask that they or anyone with news or information about their status contact me either by telephone (407.766.2058) or e-mail ( Also, if you have been in either of these two areas, I would appreciate an e-mail to let me know the condition.

Thank You,

Carol Nichelson
I have submitted this request to Craig's List: New Orleans Lost and Found (post) and The New Orleans Times-Picayune Missing Persons Forum (post). Please feel free to link to this entry or reproduce it on any additional mediums that may increase visibility.

I would additionally like to add that I will be donating goods during a local collection campaign tomorrow and encourage you to do the same in your area. And if you have the means, the American Red Cross could use your financial support.

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