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UPDATE: Looking for Missing Family

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I am pleased to be able to post this update to my family's request for information about missing relatives due to Hurricane Katrina.
Bless you Michelle in Texas for calling me, not once but twice, to make sure I received the message my family in Ocean Springs was fine. Amidst all this tragedy there are good people who go the extra mile to help someone else. I hope you find your loved ones soon. Thanks to your message I was able to help Linda's family in England via e-mail.

Many Thanks,

Carol in Florida

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  • chris

    Carol, I dont know how often you read this, but David will pass along the message. I was so pleased to hear that your family is found well and unharmed. my hope is that the rest also show up without harm.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for your kind thoughts. I was so relieved to find them after watching the horror stories on the news. Their town is next to Biloxi so I had no idea if they were safe or not.

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