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The Houseguest

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As I write this, my cat Russ is en route from Orlando to my Tallahassee apartment where she will live for the next few months. My folks will be traveling the country by RV during that time and while they do, Russ will be my roommate. It has been a few months since I have seen her, so I am especially looking forward to her arrival tonight.

The plan is for them to arrive at my apartment and see it for the first time since helping me to move. Then, we will move a couch from the next building over into my place; I am "storing" it for a neighbour. After that, a bite to eat and a bon voyage farewell to Carol and Ross as they continue on their journey west. Figuring that Marie Livingston's is probably a little too pricey, I am going to pitch Julie's for dinner on suggestion from my friend and co-worker Marc. Plus it is close to I-10 and convenient to get in and out of with a large truck and RV.

More photographs of Russ are available in the Mount Sutro Gallery. Pictures of the move are also coming soon, just as soon as I re-install my scanner.


She is still pretty uneasy with her new and strange surroundings, but I think Russ is coming around nicely. She is still very cautious in her movements, but still obviously in full cat mode; ready to pounce or jump at a moment's notice. But alas Russ is old and her younger days of playfulness have passed. I imagine in no more than a day, she will be curled up to me on the couch watching a movie as happy and content as possible.
Photo Credit: David July

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