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The Journey's End

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Photo Credit: David July — Looking down platform two, Odakyu Odawara line, at Odakyu-Sagamihara station, Sagamihara, Japan, 15 March 2008 Once this article is online, I am heading right to bed. This will hopefully mark the start of my internal clock’s re-acclimation to Eastern Daylight Time. After leaving Detroit some two hours late due to snow, not to mention the two and a half hour drive from Jacksonville to Tallahassee, I made it to bed just before midnight on Friday, 21 March. When I woke up at 1800 on Saturday, I was not at all surprised. Nor when I stayed up all night and went to bed at noon Sunday. I woke up today at 0430 and immediately decided to get up, shower, dress and ready myself for work. By the time 0530 rolled around, I was anxious to do something more than sit and read the news online, so I headed to work and started an hour early. Leaving early is always nice, so I managed to get some errands run, too, before returning home. Needless to say, the trip to Japan was as unbelievably wonderful as I had hoped and expected. There is obviously much to say about the adventure, so I will be writing several installments over the next few weeks. Included with these articles will be select photographs from the nearly 1500 I took while in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Hiroshima. I am looking forward to getting these memories in print, if for no other reason, my own reference and backup. Until then, oyasuminasai (oyasuminasai, goodnight).
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Photo Credit: David July david july

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