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SpongeBob SquarePants

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"The misadventures of a fast-food restaurant working sponge who lives under the sea."

Ok, can someone tell me what the hell the deal with this SpongeBob SquarePants? I would normally say that perhaps it is simply due to my age that I do not understand these colourful characters, but it would seem that those that are my age and older also appreciate this programme.

I am not necessarily saying that the show is soporiferous, as I have watched a few episodes and found some of it funny. Nevertheless, the recent cult status that it has taken on does puzzle me. I mean, exactly where does poor SpongeBob and his cohorts fit in between the Drowning Pool albums, glitter lipstick, labret studs and t-shirts that read, "Sorry girls, I suck cock" at the local Hot Topic store?

Perhaps I am simply underestimating the societal tendency to revert back to previously enjoyed experiences. For the teenage and college crowd, I suppose it might just be a simple programme to sit back and enjoy while remembering waking up extra early on a Saturday morning to catch the animated cartoons whilst eating a bowl of sugary cereal and wearing the sleeping fare from the night prior until noon.

Is it that simple? Am I making more of this than I should? But really, I do have a problem accepting the fact that these early teens, who wish nothing of conformity (and obtain it by being like everyone else trying not to be like everyone else) wearing alternative clothing, getting things pierced and admitting to their friends and classmates they occasionally, regularly or continually have sexual relations with a partner of the same sex would or could come together with such a show of love towards these characters. I would think it would be a bad thing in their non-conformist minds to admit that they were actually one and the same with people their age and are capable of loving and enjoying something fluffy and happy. We all know damn well that each and every one of these Korn quoting, baggy pant and eyeliner wearing self-titled 'punks' would cry at the drop of a hat if only they would let themselves. And most of them probably do, but in extreme private. They are just putting up a mask, like skinning your Winamp player; it still does the same things pretty much, but it just looks a lot different. So what is it about SpongeBob that makes him different?

My only final comment is that I was pleased to see Ernest Borgnine dubbing the voice for the character "Mermaid Man." I decided to put up a Gattaca avatar and title in his honour.

Your comments and ideas on this are anticipated.

Human Characteristics

by Archived Article (2001–2014) Help
Have you ever considered how much you can learn about a person from simply observing seemingly insignificant things? While at someone's apartment who I only recently met, I found myself fascinated by the collection of reading materials in the lavatory. You can learn a lot about a person by sifting through the lavatory, even beyond their reading materials. You know you have peered under the sink of a host's house. You know you have looked in their medicine cabinet and went through their drawers. Automobiles are similar in their significance of collected items. Beyond the maps, air freshener and condoms in the glove-box, you might find some interesting clues into the personality of the owner. Now, of course, this all seems like common sense; people will surround themselves in things reflecting of their interests and personality. However, I believe most people just are not patient enough or do not care enough to make these simple observations. So the next time you are at someone's residence, take a peek at their lavatory accessories. You might just learn something you never knew before.