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Welcome to Mount Sutro

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I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been visiting the site and participating in the Forum over the past year and some. It is because things around here have been gaining popularity I decided to give the site the face-lift it needed.

And that is what you see now. This area will act in a blog or journal capacity, featuring my writing on whatever is on my mind. Forum members and non-members alike may comment on posts here (simultaneously fed from the "One Last Breath" section in the Forum).

The right column of content windows are home to the main menu ("Welcome"), a list of active Forum threads ("Forum"), information on a product I am currently enjoying ("Fixation"), links to other sites I enjoy ("Exit Piazza"), a section for site donations and the requisite wish list ("Benefaction") and finally, a miscellaneous afterthought containing page translations and a word of the day ("Salmagundi").

I have spent a fair amount of time making sure all the newly written code and graphics are working and looking as they should. Of course, sometimes things get overlooked, so please drop me a line at david @ should you see anything out of order.

Thank you again to everyone who visits and Happy New Year!

Personal Responsibility

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I am really sick and tired of retailers pulling items from their shelves because of customer feedback on the item. Now, mind you, I am not referring to recalls or defective products being removed from commercial circulation. Just items, such as the following, which "caused some customers concern."

Barbie's pregnant pal pulled from shelves

I saw a programme last week on television about toys being sold this years whose suitability for children was questionable. I am god damn tired of consumer watch groups telling me what is suitable or not for my children.

Now, while I may agree with some of the recommendations they make, why take that decision away from the parent. When a parent goes into a retail store, they are not blinded by the product. They can clearly see what their child has requested and then decide for themselves whether they feel it is a suitable product for their children.

Some of the toys mentioned in the show were WWE action figures with rather large breasts, an Austin Powers action figure with a defined crotch, a lingerie Barbie and an action figure play-set depicting a bombed-out house. The toy manufactures were quick to point out the collectible nature of certain products. The watch group quipped back immediately on how the products are labeled "for ages * and up" and how they disagreed with those assessments.

A television programme, motion picture or video game may not be apparently overt on what content it will feature, therefore a rating system there is at least partially understandable. But do you need the box to tell you, a parent, whether "Hooker Barbie" is suitable for your three-year old or not?

Industrial Magnets, The

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Inspired from the non-bomb scare, I decided that when I never finally get a little musical group together (even if for one fucking evening), I would like to be called "The Industrial Magnets."

I got a fur up my ass tonight and made the following, basically a CD album cover for the non-existent band. Let me know what you think (keeping mindful it is a scaled-down version of the original 700k Photoshop file).

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