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Police Love Me

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So you are saying to yourself, "I thought he said the other day he was going to replace that malfunctioning headlamp. In fact, I know he did. It was on his list of Things To Do. So, uh, WTF?"

Yes, it is true: I was pulled over by the police — again, but this time by the Casselberry Police Department. Same as before, the officer was very polite, simply pointed out my defunct equipment, checked my driver's license status and sent me on my way. "Probably just needs a new bulb; no big deal," he says. Actually, no.

See, the reason I was still driving with the bunk lamp was that just hours before it had been working perfectly. I decided my very dirty car needed a good washing, so I drove up in the grass and washed it front to back. Afterwards, I opened the hood to investigate the light and discovered it was still working after I hit the bracket that holds the lamp cover. Problem solved, or so I thought. Apparently, the wires and/or plug that provide power to the lamp are in need of some attention, because as soon as I head out to meet some people for a chat and a beverage, out goes the lamp.

As much as I love having these little friendly chats with the men and women of law enforcement, my new list of things to do today includes doing whatever it takes to make that lamp come on, stay on and let the police get back to the real work to be done.

You know, like catching murderers and rapists and all that small stuff.

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  • FSUpaintball

    ...and other people who are driving around, like assholes, with only one headlight ;-)

    J/K of course. I've had that happen to me, too.

    I want one of those WTF? mugs

  • David July

    If I ever have to start wearing a tie, I think I may go for one of these.

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