Mount Sutro: An Electronic Periodical

1211Hours EDT


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CDR: Commander Francis R. Scobee
PLT: Pilot Michael J. Smith
MS 1: Mission Specialist 1 Ellison S. Onizuka
MS 2: Mission Specialist 2 Judith A. Resnik
MS 3: Mission Specialist 3 Ronald E. McNair
PS 1: Payload Specialist 1 Gregory B. Jarvis
PS 2: Payload Specialist 2 S. Christa McAuliffe

T-2:05 MS 2 Would you give that back to me?
T-2:03 MS 2 Security blanket.
T-2:02 MS 2 Hmm.
T-1:58 CDR Two minutes downstairs; you gotta watch running down there?
T-1:47 PLT OK there goes the lox arm.
T-1:46 CDR Goes the beanie cap.
T-1:44 MS 1 Doesn't it go the other way?
T-1:42 *** Laughter.
T-1:39 MS 1 Now I see it; I see it.
T-1:39 PLT God I hope not Ellison.
T-1:38 MS 1 I couldn't see it moving; it was behind the center screen.
T-1:33 MS 2 Got your harnesses locked?
T-1:29 PLT What for?
T-1:28 CDR I won't lock mine; I might have to reach something.
T-1:24 PLT Ooh kaaaay.
T-1:04 MS 1 Dick's thinking of somebody there.
T-1:03 CDR Unhuh.
T-0:59 CDR One minute downstairs.
T-0:52 MS 2 Cabin Pressure is probably going to give us an alarm.
T-0:50 CDR OK.
T-0:47 CDR OK there.
T-0:43 PLT Alarm looks good.
T-0:42 CDR OK.
T-0:40 PLT Ullage pressures are up.
T-0:34 PLT Right engine helium tank is just a little bit low.
T-0:32 CDR It was yesterday, too.
T-0:31 PLT OK.
T-0:30 CDR Thirty seconds down there.
T-0:25 PLT Remember the red button when you make a roll call.
T-0:23 CDR I won't do that; thanks a lot.
T-0:15 CDR Fifteen.
T-0:06 CDR There they go guys.
T-0:06 MS 2 All right.
T-0:06 CDR Three at a hundred.
T+0:00 MS 2 Aaall riiight.
T+0:01 PLT Here we go.
T+0:07 CDR Houston, Challenger roll program.
T+0:11 PLT Go you Mother.
T+0:14 MS 1 LVLH.
T+0:15 MS 2 Fuckin' hot.
T+0:16 CDR Ooohh-kaaay.
T+0:19 PLT Looks like we've got a lotta wind here today.
T+0:20 CDR Yeah.
T+0:22 CDR It's a little hard to see out my window here.
T+0:28 PLT There's ten thousand feet and Mach point five.
T+0:30 *** Garble.
T+0:35 CDR Point nine.
T+0:40 PLT There's Mach one.
T+0:41 CDR Going through nineteen thousand.
T+0:43 CDR OK we're throttling down.
T+0:57 CDR Throttling up.
T+0:58 PLT Throttle up.
T+0:59 CDR Roger.
T+0:60 PLT Feel that mother go.
T+0:60 *** Woooohoooo.
T+1:02 PLT Thirty-five thousand going through one point five
T+1:05 CDR Reading four eighty six on mine.
T+1:07 PLT Yep, that's what I've got, too.
T+1:10 CDR Roger, go at throttle up.
T+1:13 PLT Uhoh.
T+1:13 *** LOSS OF ALL DATA.

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