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Newcastle Ice Cream

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My favourite beer is now available as an ice cream!

Although the ice cream is made using the ale, under licence from brewers Scottish and Newcastle, the cooking process means it contains less than 1% alcohol. Jackie Maxwell, director of Doddington Dairy said: "We were looking for an ice cream flavour that was distinctive, and had a strong identity with the region.

"Newcastle Brown Ale has all of that. It has been a fantastic challenge working on a product like this, with one of the world's most famous brands. Every part of the process has been great for us - from the design of the cartons, through to testing the ale syrup for just the right flavour. The ice cream highlights Newcastle Brown's unique flavour characteristics."
It does appear that it will not be exported from the UK, so I doubt I will have the chance to try it. Anyone over that way want to ship me a carton?

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  • Syelence

    They need Bacardi Limon ice cream... mmmm yummy...

    There is something highly disturbing about beer ice cream though... I don't know why...maybe it's the yeast...

  • Pleonasm

    Honestly, how would one ship a carton of ice cream across the Atlantic? Is that even possible on such a small scale?

  • David July

    I had been just joking, of course, but now that you mention it I would say that it should be possible to ship ice cream in a container of dry ice with a rush delivery service. While the cost would be prohibitive to myself and most others, I am sure that those with the means do this sort of thing all the time.

  • Sherry

    Dry ice perhaps? Sounds like a beer slushie...could be an interesting experience...but the question is, can I still catch a buzz?

    Thanks for visting my site. I'm digging on yours. Very nice.


  • Syelence

    Beer slushies!!!!! It will be all the rage with the college on its own is too manly for the chickies (save Frambois, but that is redeemed when mixed with Hogarten = Dirty Hoe and as David knows I like my Hoes filthy dirty) the girls need girly drinks so make a beer slushie, add some juice or sweet stuff, and you have a whole new market!!


  • David July

    Thanks for dropping in, Sherry! I have been reading your site for only a week or so now and have been enjoying it as well. By the way, I found you via Matt's GLBT Weblogs index.

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