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Wherein I Eat Crow

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The residential community I live in fifteen minutes north of the City of Orlando contains just shy of one thousand (1000) single-family homes. Situated in what used to be Native American land, the subdivision borders the Little Wekiva River to the west, giving the layout of the streets an interesting design. As a consequence of this, there are few four-way intersections.

The four-way intersections that do exist are prone more and more to running by careless drivers. This is not an emergency situation, but the amount of people who disregard stop signs — in particular, the one at the centre of the neighbourhood — is on the rise. Especially at night, it seems.

Fielding complaints from concerned homeowners, the Altamonte Springs Police Department promised to step-up their patrols of the area to catch these stop sign evaders and those driving in excess of the meager twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph) speed limit. In the first week of the increased police presence, the homeowner's association reported in their newsletter that numerous offenders were caught and issued expensive tickets.

Now while I have no doubt certain law enforcement campaigns exist only for the purpose of raising capital for the organization, the mission here was honest — and in my opinion as a member of the community — completely necessary.

Driving home late one night a few weeks back, I was in a little more of a hurry that usual. I had stayed out much later than I planned and was very anxious to get to sleep. In my haste, I did something very unusual for me — I came to only a "rolling stop" at a four-way intersection. That is to say, I slowed down and nearly came to a full and complete stop, but upon surveying the area determined that acceleration was safe.

And then the lights came on from behind.

The officer was very polite and simply enquired as to why I felt stopping fully was unnecessary. I gave him a brief synopsis of the above and revealed the irony of the situation. After suppressing some mild laughter, the officer retreated to his patrol car to check my driver's license and whatnot.

Returning to my window, he simply asked me to drive safely and have a pleasant evening. I wished him the same.

Best Gay News Blog: Mount Sutro

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The folks over at Best Gay Blogs, a site that accepts submissions for the people's choice of the best gay-authored weblogs and content, have selected Mount Sutro for the News category. Hello to you readers from Best Gay Blogs!

I must admit surprise over the selection considering that Mount Sutro does not focus on gay-themed news and politics, though it does come up from time to time. The article that caught their eye as the dealmaker was my discussion over the controversy surrounding the children's music video featuring cartoon characters — including SpongeBob SquarePants and his sidekick best friend Patrick — and the song "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge.

The Focus on the Family group, founded by James Dobson for the purpose of acting out against actions and opinions they feel are opposite their conservative and religious beliefs, was very vocal about this video stating it was another plot by the "homosexual agenda" at placing pro-gay propaganda in public schools.

After reposting the original BBC article on the subject, I went on to discuss the gay rights movement versus those in opposition, comparing and contrasting other civil right actions in history. A lively conversation came forth in the comments, as well.

It is an article I am quite proud of and am happy to have it recognized.

And just yesterday, I was called "the media." I wonder what is in store for tomorrow.

Note: some of the Best Gay Blogs site's content and advertisements are for adults only. Browse with caution.

Notebook Lock Picked with Toilet Paper Roll

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Remember those expensive bicycle locks that could be easily picked by anyone with a ten-cent pen? This time the victim is notebook computer locks. The guy in the video below uses a piece of a toilet paper roll to easily and nonchalantly open the lock whilst sitting in the middle of a cafe.

Source: Ideal Gadget

Media: Watch (Windows Media Video, streaming)

Lawyer Sues Vocal Fling

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Remember the Washington, D.C. scandal last year after a staff aide was revealed to have engaged in sex acts with many in the political arena? Well, it's back.

Jessica Cutler, 27, the ex-employee of Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), is being sued by one of DeWine's staff attorneys, Robert Steinbuch. Steinbuch claims that his privacy rights were violated when Cutler published details of her various sexual encounters with Washington players — including Steinbuch — on her weblog under the name "Washingtonienne."

Steinbuch claims he was personally identified on multiple occasions when Cutler referred to "RS" or "Rob" and included the details that Steinbuch says make it clear to whom she was referring. In the blog — which has been resurrected in its supposedly original form from an individual's browser cache — Cutler describes in explicit detail the acts she and Steinbuch engaged in, an action he purports is a violation of his rights.

In fact, the suit filed in U.S. Federal Court on Monday, 16 May 2005, confirms and corrects many of the steamy details from Cutler's online diary. According to The Washington Post, Steinbuch confirmed he and Cutler engaged in "spanking and hair pulling during their sexual activity."

After the knowledge of the tawdry, high-profile affairs broke in the nation's Capitol, Cutler was offered $300,000 USD to pen a book (see excerpt) entitled "The Washingtonienne: A Novel" available now in stores. She declined to comment to Washington Post reporters when they asked her about the suit.

TV Reporter Sacked for Outburst

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Television reporter Arthur Chi'en with New York City's WCBS Channel 2 was terminated following his colourful on-air outburst in response to a few men holding up a sign during his report.

Turns out the men were interns of radio personalities "Opie and Anthony" who were were present during Chi'en's live report on MTA MetroCard fraud. As they approached, the pranksters filled the back of the shot with a sign promoting their own radio show and even gave "the finger" to the camera and WCBS viewers. After keeping his cool through the prepared remarks, Chi'en gave in and as he finished his report, turned away from the camera and angrily asked, "What the fuck is your problem, man?"

Apparently Chi'en assumed that since his remark was made at the conclusion of his live broadcast, the master control room would have already cut back to the studio. He was incorrect and in this post-Janet Jackson Super Bowl "fear the FCC" climate, WCBS fired the reporter of two years according to Audrey Pass, station spokesperson. The reporter's biography page at the CBS affiliate's website was removed almost immediately thereafter.

Chi'en was quick to issue apologies to those who he may offended.

"I regret the entire thing and I apologize to those who were offended," he told the New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, "Opie and Anthony" went to their website to boast about this incident, one designed and executed in their effort to publicly annoy television reporters. The show, originally broadcast on WNEW-FM but moved to XM Satellite Radio (Channel 202) after complaints, typically features crude humour and practical jokes.

Source: New York Daily News [ via ]

Media: Watch (Windows Media Video, 1.10 Mb, original source)
Media: Watch (Windows Media Video, 1.10 Mb, local mirror)

Link: Chi'en Revolution at CafePress
Link: Arthur Chi'en Fired: Why He Had No Choice

Thank you to DoctorSteve for linking to this story and referring to it as "the best and most idiotic." Seems the words "interns of" got cut from the draft, making it sounds like "Opie and Anthony" were present themselves. This can been corrected, but thank you for referring to Mount Sutro as "the media."

arthur chien

Photo Credit: WCBS-TV Channel 6