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SMS Web Directory

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Text messaging with the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol has clearly taken its place in modern society. When sending a text message to a mobile telephone via traditional means is not available or desired, there are several alternative options depending on the cellular service provider. The SMS Web Directory is designed to help you send text messages from your computer.

When available, a link to a Web to SMS portal is provided as well as an example of the e-mail to SMS address format. Below those are some general web-based SMS tools and senders. Your feedback, additions and updates are welcome.

The directory was updated 12 July 2010 and is presented alphabetically. A more comprehensive list is archived from Wikipedia.

Web to SMS E-Mail to SMS
Boost Mobile
Iridium Satellite
Sprint PCS
U.S. Cellular
Verizon Wireless
Virgin Mobile
Other Services
Google SMS Google Voice oh, don’t forget... Yellowpipe Web Hosting
Photo Credit: Nokia

E-Mail Blacklist

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In addition to the existing Refer Blacklist available for download, I have decided to also maintain a copy of my server e-mail filter for public consumption. Please note some of the entries' characters may look like normal letters but are actually special (or wrong) characters used to convince a human reader but trick a server filter.

This list will be updated every so often, as there is presently no automated way to query the server for this data. The E-Mail Blacklist was last updated on 24 April 2008, 2244.

This feature is no longer updated. Thank you.

Linkage II

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Despite my recent push to find new destinations to check out regularly, it seems the world of the web has entered one of its stagnet points as it has been known to do from time to time. Not that I am complaining really, because I have not done too much myself to add content to the fray.

Unlike at the White House, a slow news day here does not mean that news agencies have to go out of their way to make mountains from molehills. Instead, may you be entertained by the following.

Wendy's Free Frosty Weekend
"From Friday, May 13, through Sunday, May 15, consumers can pick up a free Junior Frosty at their local Wendy's restaurant. No purchase is required for customers to receive the free dessert. The company estimates it will give away more than 14 million Junior Frostys during the special three-day event."

Owner of Wendy's chili finger found
"A finger allegedly found in a bowl of chili at a Wendy's restaurant has been identified, US police have said. It belonged to a family friend of Anna Ayala, the woman who said she discovered the finger as she ate in a restaurant in San Jose, California."

Henderson Legs Raise Eyebrows
"People in Henderson are talking about the massive sculpture of a woman's legs, spread open on Welcome Avenue. At first glance, it looks more like something you'd find at a strip club, instead of a quiet neighborhood." [ via ]

Zippo-looking camera on TSA no-fly list
The Department of Homeland Security at work for you. [ via ]

UN looks to Brooklyn for temporary home
"The possibility emerged on Tuesday in a new progress report from Mr. Annan on plans to move the organization into temporary housing during the renovation of the United Nations headquarters on the East River in Manhattan, once stylish but now dangerously antiquated." [ via ]

NYC Uptown Wall Collapse
New information and great photographs on yesterday's accident.

Judge: Nebraska Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

Birding in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California
"This is the largest state park outside of Alaska with over 600,000 acres ranging from flat desert sinks to high, boulder-strewn mountains."

"Cock" banned from West Hollywood Signs
Every sign that contains the word cocktail is now illegal. Your government at work.

Pope Creature Comforts
The new Pope is moving in and the BBC takes a look at his loot.

NASA Shuttle to retire in 2010
The year we make contact. heh heh

Two NASA Astronauts on Star Trek: Enterprise finale tonight
"While on vacation, the real-life space explorers traded in their spacesuits for make-believe future space garb as the two made a guest appearance on the upcoming season finale of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise."

Star Trek franchise ends 18 year run
"After 18 years and 624 hours of Star Trek, the audience began to have a little bit of overkill."

BBC Opens Newsroom to RSS
"The BBC has opened up its content more so that people can use news stories and headlines on their own sites via RSS."

Mobile GUI: Design Standards Needed
"But the mobile phone industry is in danger of confusing people in its quest to pack everything into handsets, thinks Scott Jenson, a leading mobile industry design consultant."

The West Wing Bravo Marathon

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Do you enjoy The West Wing? Perhaps even a little too much?

If Bravo Network's existing marathon schedule — currently Monday nights — was insufficient for you, tune in all next week. The West Wing Week includes eighty-eight (88) episodes of White House antics, Bartlet "did you know..." historical taradiddles, Josh yelling for Donna, Toby upset about something and Sam making an ass out of himself right before and after writing moving speeches.

Check out the complete schedule for a detailed episode listing and check your local listings for the Bravo Network.

Photo Credit: Tauno Knuuttila

A New Mouthpiece

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I hear so many great things about new and popular instant messaging clients developed for the Apple OS X platform. Unfortunately, like most quality open source projects, they are developed for one native platform long before any ports or complete redevelops are available.

I am somewhat displeased with the operation of the Trillian all-in-one IM client and have been for some time now. I am looking for one or more possible alternatives for the Windows platform that operate similar to Trillian, but offer it in a more lean package — much like how Trillian used to be before the architecture was re-written for the use of plug-ins and the user interface scrapped.

I would like something similar to Adiumx (recent review) or Fire. A simple, yet highly configurable multi-protocol instant messaging client that will handle the basic features associated with chatting. Additional features like peer-to-peer file transfer and video conferencing are not priorities.

Please comment with any and all suggestions.