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The Moose On The Loose

A moose (Alces alces) cow wading in a small Middle Fork Koyukuk River tributary eating aquatic vegetation right next to the Dalton Highway (AK 11).

MP 205.4 James W. Dalton Highway, Yukon-Koyukuk, Alaska: 24 June 2017

part of the Alaska 2017: Wiseman to Prudhoe Bay album

Only twenty minutes after our lucky Canada lynx sighting on the James W. Dalton Highway, we came across a moose cow wading in a small and shallow tributary of the Middle Fork Koyukuk River. Even after seeing many moose throughout Alaska and having a very close encounter in Denali National Park, I was always very excited to come upon another of these large and lovely herbivores.

This moose cow was browsing the water for and eating the grasses growing very close to the road. After I pulled over next to the moose, she looked up at us but did not seem in the least bit concerned about our presence. We took a number of photographs while she ate the plants, watching her for about five minutes before continuing our journey north to Prudhoe Bay.

Visit the Wiseman to Prudhoe Bay album to see all nine published photographs of this moose.

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