Mount Sutro: An Electronic Periodical

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The Songs That We Hear Are Just Songs Of Our Own

Alaska's Brooks Range, Galbraith Lake and the Trans-Alaska pipeline seen from just north of Milepost 275 on the James W. Dalton Highway (North Slope Haul Road/SR 11) seven-tenths of a mile from Galbraith Airport Road.

James W. Dalton Highway MP 275, North Slope Borough, Alaska: Sunday, 25 June 2017

part of the Prudhoe Bay to Coldfoot album

Driving south on the Dalton Highway, I was admiring the majestic mountains of the Brooks Range ahead as a body of water came into view. I quickly realized that this was a spot that I had anticipated.

"This is it," I exclaimed, quickly firing off a series of frames of the vista in front of us.

One of the impetuses for my journey to the last frontier was viewing photographs from my mother's trip there in June 2011. Still thinking about that adventure in October 2012, I did an edit of one of her photographs and published it here on Monday, 17 December 2012 as "The Way To Atigun Pass". It was the location of this photograph where I found myself now.

Although I had a longer lens installed at the time and was not able to reproduce the entire shot, the timing was just about right for this homage. With the similar cloud patterns overhead and disregarding the slight spatial differential — my shot was taken a bit south of mom's — the scene is very much unchanged in the intervening six years, save for the installation of Dalton Delineators shortly after her visit.